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Hydro Powered On-Grid ICT Lab

Hydro Powered On-Grid ICT Lab




Support a renewable energy computer lab

This lab would provide students with intranet access, a projector and teacher training to allow for effective teaching of computer studies in a community that hasn’t previously had access to IT.

The Turing Trust are working across Malawi to provide schools their first ever computing resources. This project will support a rural school in Malawi that has access to grid electricity which is comprised of 97% renewable hydropower.

By providing the school with this computer lab, we will enable approximately 300 students a year the opportunity to learn the vital computer skills, skills that are required if they wish to attend university in Malawi.

The cost of a computer lab is £2,850. This will provide the school with 20 computers, a projector, a network, teacher training and a long-term maintenance plan to ensure the school can continue teaching ICT for many years to come. Installing a computer lab in the school will benefit students year after year, providing adequate teaching with long-term maintenance plans for the equipment, to allow for a sustainable IT future.

Our partners, The Turing Trust will work with our Malawian partner, the Centre for Youth and Development, to ensure this project is supported in the long-run with locally available skills.

Preparation & installation of ICT will take approximately 3 months including relevant teacher training etc. We hope that installations will take place from September 2020.


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