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Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum contribution to a project?
Yes, we currently require that you contribute a minimum of three credits to a project. There is no maximum contribution.
What happens if a project doesn't get fully funded?
If, after one calendar year, a project or projects aren't funded then the AGM will hold a vote to decide which projects should have funds rearranged towards them in order to achieve the funding required to complete as many projects as possible.
Do I get to choose my projects?
Yes, the credit system allows you to be in control of where your money is being spent. You can pick and choose projects based on location, delivery, type of project and even cost.
How much of my money goes to charity?
The entire cost of every credit purchased goes towards supporting clean energy projects in Africa. We are able to do this by charging a yearly membership fee to cover the operational costs, we feel that this is a fairer way to work than taking a percentage of every £1 donated.

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