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Why Power2Africa?

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Everyone deserves a level playing field and that's exactly what we're trying to provide with Power2Africa with access to electricity and mentoring programmes. We have the power to change lives and I want to be part of the movement that makes the difference.

Nick Proctor, Founder CEO, amber energy®

Our aim is to show you the power that your donations can have on local communities, bringing joy, opportunities and empowerment with each new project.


We believe that many of the world’s problems can be solved with access to electricity.

Clean water, access to medicines, receiving an education, starting your own business – all of these are extremely achievable with access to electricity.

At P2A we believe that access to electricity is the vital beginning of creating a level playing field for everyone. That’s why we see this as only the beginning.

If we can not only provide power but give the local community access to mentors who can help them learn, grow and succeed then we’ll have done our job.

Small changes can have a big impact

We charge a flat, annual membership fee of £1,000 with a required minimum of £1,500 in credit purchases.

For many businesses, this sum that can be saved just by being more efficient with their energy use.

In fact, the savings from just one business in the UK being more aware of their energy use could provide enough money to power an entire community for a year or more! This is where the idea for our “Turn a light on, turn a light off” campaign came from.

Why don’t you take a look at your business’s energy use and see where you can make savings? Then go one step further and donate any savings to Power2Africa to make a very real, very significant step in helping to change the lives of entire communities!

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