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Help to fund a hydro and solar powered ICT lab

Hydro and Solar Powered ICT Lab





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Hydro and solar powered ICT lab

This builds onto our ‘standard’ hydro powered grid ICT lab by adding a solar backup system, helping the school overcome the temperamental grid-electricity, ensuring ICT teachers can still work even when the power ‘goes off’ and reducing their power bills in the long-run.

Adding this extra solar resources would essentially top up the 97% hydro energy to ensure that the lab is carbon positive topping up the 3% of energy with solar power, essentially making the lab 100% renewable energy.

This lab would provide students with intranet access, a projector and teacher training to allow for effective teaching of computer studies in a community that hasn’t previously had access to IT.

The Turing Trust are working across Malawi to provide schools their first ever computing resources. By providing the school with this computer lab, we will enable approximately 300 students a year the opportunity to learn the vital computer skills, skills that are required if they wish to attend university in Malawi.

The cost of a computer lab is £3,850. This will provide the school with 20 computers, a projector, a network, teacher training and a long-term maintenance plan to ensure the school can continue teaching ICT for many years to come. Installing a computer lab in the school will benefit students year after year, providing adequate teaching with long-term maintenance plans for the equipment, to allow for a sustainable IT future.

Our partners, The Turing Trust will work with our Malawian partner, the Centre for Youth and Development, to ensure this project is supported in the long-run with locally available skills.

Preparation & installation of ICT will take approximately 6 months including relevant teacher training etc. We hope that installations will take place from September 2020.


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