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Supporting the provision of electricity to 200 students

Lucy Education Centre





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Fixed lighting project

Currently, the school has no access to electricity, relying on a bottle of bleach wedged in a hole in the ceiling to provide the room with light.

As Kenya’s electricity mix is circa 80% renewable sources, P2A are working with Lucy Education Centre to raise money to install fixed lighting within the school. This project will see the centre being provided with an electricity meter, cabling and new light and power sockets for each classroom.

The installation of electricity throughout the school provides the first crucial step needed to provide year-round education, as well as removing the potential health hazard that the bottle of bleach holds. This provides a significant improvement on the learning environment for all children and staff at the Lucy Education Centre.

This project also allows the managers of the school to fulfil their future plans of up-scalling and allowing more children from the local area to attend. Having electricity in the school also opens up the opportunity for the venue to be utilised as a safe retreat for evening activities.

Your help in funding us having electricity & lighting within our school would be life changing for our children & their parents. 2 out of 4 children attending come from single parent families & survive in the one of the largest slum areas in the world. Education is their only hope & by having electrical lighting within our school will enable our teachers to extend the school day & also have night classes for parents & our children.

Bernie Hollywood OBE, coordinator of Lucy Education School refurbishments.


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